Speakers & Horns


All-weather solutions for public address and sound reinforcement. From small format to stadium performance solutions

A wide variety of horn styles designed for optimal performance in all types of installation scenarios including stadiums, outdoor paging, and industrial facility applications.

Stadium Horns
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Full-range, high-output 8", 12", 15" speaker systems for indoor and outdoor applications including sports venues, themed entertainment and high quality commercial paging

Paging Horns
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High-output speakers for indoor, outdoor and adverse environments. Includes industry standard 15 and 30 watt models, constant directivity horns, long throw projectors and compression drivers

Full Range Horns
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Professional high-output speakers for use in large venues such as Arenas, Stadiums, Fairgrounds, Racetracks, Theme Parks, Outdoor Entertainment Centers, Convention Centers, Aquatic Centers, and Multipurpose Venues

Explosion Proof Horns
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Assortment of UL Listed Explosion-Proof horns to match with explosion-proof speaker drivers


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Line of siren speakers for vehicular, community and industrial warning applications


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Optional accessories such as mounting hardware, adapters, and high-output 70V/100V transformers.

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