GLOBALCOM®.IP Digital Microphone Station with Dante™ Message Channels

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  • Software License Required
  • Supports 116D Controller
  • Dante enabled
  • Network Ready
  • PoE enabled
  • Fault Reporting

    The IPCSD1 is a push-to-talk switch only digital microphone station designed to work within a GLOBALCOM®.IP system. It is a network appliance with a unique IP address that requires no configuration. The IPCSD1 uses a single Ethernet interface for audio and control data.  The IPCSD1 is fully compatible with IEEE 802.3af standard for Power over Ethernet (PoE), allowing the microphone station to be powered directly from any standard off-the-shelf PoE switch.

    The IPCSD1 utilizes Dante™ technology for transporting high-quality, low-latency digital audio over Ethernet. The IPCSD1 microphone station may be used for emergency evacuation and life safety systems. Instead, in a dual-use system, these microphone stations may be used for everyday paging functions.

    It is compatible with IP108-D or IP116-D ACS™ Controllers with Dante™ capability.

    • Immediate Digitization of Full Bandwidth Audio
    • Digital Audio Transmission Over Standard Ethernet Connection
    • Mounts Using Standard 1- or 2-Gang Electrical Box
    • Power, Busy, and Ready LED Indicators

    Frequency Response +2dB, -5dB (22Hz - 22kHz, Input Level)
    Total Harmonic Distortion <1.0% (22Hz - 22kHz, Input Level)
    Signal to Noise Ratio >85dB (22Hz - 22kHz, Input Level)
    Sample Rate 48kHz
    Compression Threshold -14dBu
    Operating Temperature Range +32˚F to +104˚F (0˚C to +40˚C)
    Dimensions 4.95" W x 4.95" H x 1.9" D
    Analog-to-Digital Converter, A/D 24 Bit
    Storage Temperature Range –40˚F to +158˚F (–40˚C to +70˚C)
    Supply Voltage 48VDC
    Power Consumption < 4W
    Warranty Period 36 months from date of purchase

    Microphone Cleaning Statement (1 page) Microphone Cleaning Statement (1 page)
    IPCSD1 and IPCSD4 Installation Instructions (16 pages) IPCSD1 and IPCSD4 Installation Instructions (16 pages)
    IPCSD1-4 Data Sheet (4 pages) IPCSD1-4 Data Sheet (4 pages)