IP Enabled Solutions

Industry-leading IP based speakers and software for an integrated security and communications platform for facilities of all types and sizes

Elevate Your IP and/or VoIP Infrastructure with Next-Generation AtlasIED Solutions
AtlasIED technologies are the chosen solution for commercial environments with thousands of installations ranging from corporate enterprise, schools, universities, industrial factories, airports, and health care facilities around the world. AtlasIED effectively uses building communication systems while also helping to maintain a safe work environment with our industry-leading IP enabled solutions.
IPX Series Overview
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IP Enabled Speakers
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IPX Series: The Next Generation IP Enabled Speaker Solutions

GLOBALCOM®.IP Next-Generation Enterprise Communication Ecosystem
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IP-to-Analog Gateways
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AtlasIED IP-to-analog gateways are perfect for connecting your unified communication platform to off network analog third party systems.

IP Enabled Visual Displays
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Our IP based and ADA compliant displays extend notifications with effective visual text alerts for high ambient noise or large spaces.

VoIP Paging Server
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Extend your VoIP system to integrate paging and intercom functionality

Legacy IP Endpoints
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IP Endpoint Speakers, Displays, and Analog-to-Digital Gateways That Have Been Replaced By IPX Series Models

System Example
VoIP Flow Chart
Our Solutions Expand an IP and/or VoIP Infrastructures Capability
Wide Area Coverage
High Output Sound Levels
Visual Notifications
Hands Free Communication
Weather and Vandal Resistance
Our system takes full advantage of existing Voice and Data networks while preserving the convenience
and user-friendliness of VoIP phones to now cover important areas that a VoIP handset alone cannot.
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Cisco Preferred Solution Partner

AtlasIED is a proud Cisco Premier Partner.
Our products are available on Cisco Solutions Plus or through certified AtlasIED Solutions Partners

Plug & Play

Auto Provisioning

Within Cisco Call Manager (CUCM), our devices automatically provisions onto the existing network. Easy installation and communication with Call Manager.

SRST Support

SRST Support

Our devices support Cisco’s Unified Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST). SRST provides remote location call-processing redundancy when access to the centralized Cisco CUCM is interrupted because of a WAN outage.

Our Devices are TTMI Enabled
Talk-to-Me Interoperability

Talk To Me Interoperability (TTMI) is an AtlasIED design innovation. Our devices are open-platform engineered to communicate and be controlled by the top-selling providers of unified communications, notification software platforms, and standard SIP/PBX systems.
One solution that talks to all.
Multi Software Compatibility
Works with multiple 3rd party notification software packages enabling multi-functionality for everyday and emergency messaging saving time and money as well as being the backbone of an effective mass notification and emergency communication system.

Mass Notification and Emergency Messaging

Businesses live in a world of unknowns with critical events and emergency scenarios happening daily. Staff can do their best to be prepared with numerous practice drills. When seconds count, all the preparation cannot verify the human responders can achieve their task when critical events happen.

Automatic Alert Triggers and Notification Endpoints

Our VoIP Endpoints Support

MNEC+ Technology

Mass Notification Emergency Communication Plus (MNEC+), when used with AtlasIED’s patented GCK software, allows our devices to scroll text in sync with the emergency audio notifications ensuring people understand the intended message both visually and audibly.

PoE or PoE+ Enabled
One wire connection from PoE or PoE+ network switch simplifies installation and connection to network.
PoE and PoE+ Capable
GCK - Next Generation Application Software
Advanced Alerting, Bell Schedules, Pre-Recorded and Scheduled Announcements
Safety Listed
AtlasIED IP speakers are safety listed to ANSI standards often required by municipal building codes.
ETL Listed
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