PoE+ Indoor Wall / Ceiling Mount IP Speaker with Talkback Microphone and 25V/70V Switch

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  • BAA
  • CETL
  • CE
  • PoE+
  • Enclosure Sold Separately
  • FCC
  • G.711 Capable
  • G.722 Capable

    The AtlasIED IPX Series IP-SM-72 indoor wall / ceiling mount IP speakers with talkback leverage the VoIP Communication solution to extend tele-presence with enhanced audio for those environments where network-wide communication is desired and that require large speakers with high output to overcome high ambient noise areas or large spaces.

    AtlasIED IP-SM-72 registers as a communication endpoint directly within InformaCast, and Revolution Advanced Notification applications, supporting audio broadcast to enhance physical security while improving day-to-day communications through advanced alerting, bell schedules, pre-recorded, scheduled announcements, & intercom, while leveraging the WAN/LAN Network Architecture. 

    When used within a Cisco Environment, these same IP speakers from AtlasIED can join Cisco’s Unified Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) as a supported device within SRST endpoint Architecture. Cisco’s SRST provides remote location call-processing redundancy when access to the centralized Cisco Unified Communications Manager is interrupted because of a WAN outage. The ability of LAN communication between any combination of phones and speakers is particularly critical during an emergency (which may be the actual cause of the WAN outage).

    Where 3rd party notification applications are not required, the IP-SM-72 speakers can register as SIP devices directly to a SIP server or VoIP Communications Manager for critical alerts /public address applications and two-way communication.

    Ideal for Corporate Applications, Education Institutions, Entertainment Complexes, Industrial Facilities, Government Buildings, Healthcare Facilities, Houses of Worship, Transportation Hubs - anywhere critical alerts / public address needs exist, and prefer using a single enterprise-class communications platform.


    IP-SM-72 indoor speakers are fitted with an 8" (205mm) coaxial speaker that is optimized for voice intelligibility. Additionally, the IP-SM-72 includes an attached 25V/70V transformer on the rear of the speaker and a switch on the front baffle that allows selection between 25V/70V and network. This enables a facility to install the IP-SDM-72 and use an existing analog paging system to deliver messages until the controller and software are installed. Once that is complete, the grille can be removed and the switch changed to network causing the speaker to receive its information from the controller without the need to remove the speaker. This is ideal for retrofit applications or for systems where components are being installed in phases and the speakers must work during the rollout.

    The grills for the IP-SM-72 IP speakers are made of 18-gauge metal construction that provides security and durability in commercial applications. The baffle is finished in neutral white electrostatic powder coat and is packaged with all necessary mounting screws.

    IP-SM-72 includes an omni directional subminiature, electret condenser microphone that is mounted behind the grille’s steel perforation material adjacent to the speaker to allow two-way communication and/or monitoring from the speaker location to any PC or phone handset.

    All Atlas IP speakers consist of a factory assembled speaker, grill, and PCB amp/control board that is securely mounted to the rear of the grill.

    The IP-SM-72 features auto-registration. This is an easy and time-saving way to configure our IP speakers on your Voice VLAN, similar to a VoIP handset. By sitting on the same VLAN, both VoIP phones and IP speakers share the same Quality of Service (QoS) so communications are always secure and guaranteed

    Features include GPI/O ports offer trigger for intercom request, critical alert notification, or unified connectivity of third party systems.

    Mounting hardware: (sold separately)

    • Wall – Flush (In-Wall): IP-FEST-SD
    • Wall – Surface (On-Wall): IP-SEST-SD
    • Wall – Slanted (On-Wall): IP-SEA-SD
    • Ceiling – Tile Support and Enclosure: IP-STBE
    • Ceiling – Tile Support Only: IP-STB

    For IPX firmware updates, please contact AtlasIED tech support at 1-800-876-3333 or support@atlasied.com

    Different systems require different solutions.  Our tech support team will quickly ensure that you receive the updates that will keep your unique system running smoothly!

    • Network Features

    • Dynamic or Static IP Address
    • IEEE802.3 10/100Base-T Ethernet
    • IEEE 802.1q Tagging
    • IEEE 802.11AT Compliant
    • VoIP Standard Audio: G.711 u-law/a-law (64 kbit/s) or G.722 Wideband Audio (64 kbit/s)

    • Auto Registration: SLP for Singlewire Applications, DHCP Option 72 for Syn-Apps' Applications or  IEDNet+ for AtlasIED Applications

    • Static Registration: HTTP GUI for Static Configuration
    • Audio Features

    • Integrated Amplifier 15-Watt Total Power: Primary Speaker Output 8 ohm
    • Aux Audio Line-In Balanced (2.8Vpp 10K)
    • Aux Audio Line-Out Balanced (2.8Vpp 10K)
    • Additional Features
    • 2 General Purpose Inputs
    • 1 General Purpose Output (2A @ 30 VDC)
    • Phone/Night Loud Ringer
    • External Power Supply Option
    • Integrated 25V/70V Transformer with Baffle Mounted Selector for Analog or Network Operation

    Speaker Type Coaxial
    Speaker Size 8" LF, 1" HF
    Frequency Response 86Hz - 15.5kHz
    Dispersion 105˚ (2kHz Octave Band, -6dB Points)
    Safety Listed 60950-1
    Sensitivity 98dB SPL Average
    Power Rating 12-Watts Max (802.3AF) / 25-Watts Max (802.3AT)
    THD <0.2%
    Grille Powder Coated Steel
    Connector Type RJ-45
    Height 14.37" (365mm)
    Depth 3.42" (87mm)
    Width 12.87" (327mm)
    Safety Listed 62368-1, CSA C22.2 #62368-1, IEC 62368-1 CB Scheme and FCC
    Shipping Weight 6.37 lbs (2.89kgs)
    Warranty Period 12 months from date of purchase

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