Logic Voltage I/O Collector


    The Model T9032LVIO Logic-Voltage I/O Collector is a unit designed to interface 32 logic or voltage signals with the IED Titan Series product line. Thise device mount in a 19 inch equipment rack/cabinet, taking up only 1 rack unit (RU), or 1.75” of vertical space. It is a low power device which utilizes natural cooling. No additional vertical space is required in the rack for cooling. The mainframe has removable rack mounting ears, which may alternately be placed near the bottom of the mainframe for ease in mounting the unit on a wall, such as in a telephone closet, or on the back for rear rail mounting reinforcement.

    The collector has connections for up to 32 logic or voltage ports. The 32 ports can be configured as inputs or outputs, and they can be configured for logic or voltage. However, the configuration options must be consistent in each of the banks of eight ports. For example, configuration options include: 16 logic inputs X 16 logic outputs, 8 voltage inputs X 24 voltage outputs, etc.

    The inputs are designed to handle up to 24V for logic signaling and can measure input voltages in the 0-10V range. It is software selectable as to whether inputs are treated/reported as logic states or voltage values. For example, when set to “logic” any voltage below a threshold is reported as a logic zero and any voltage above as a logic one.

    The unit also has software selectable pull up/down resistors on the inputs to allow it to handle different logic type systems such as voltage signaling, current sink and open-collector signaling. This setting is configurable for each bank of 8 inputs.

    The T9032LVIO Collector links into a system via Ethernet. The collector is powered in a number of ways such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) from an IEEE 802.3af compatible Ethernet switch, from a Mid-Span power supply, or from a 48 VDC local power supply.

    • Interfaces 32 logic or voltage signals with the IED Titan Series product line
    • Ports can be configured as inputs or outputs
    • Inputs are designed to handle up to 24V for logic signaling

    Power Requirement 48VDC Supply Voltage
    Power Requirement 10-Watts Power
    Operating Temperature Range (0°C to +50°C) +32°F to +122°F
    Storage Temperature Range (-40°C to +70°C) -40°F to +158°F
    Width 19" (482.6mm) with Rack Ears
    Height 1.75" (44mm)
    Depth 17" (432mm)
    Weight 7 lbs (3.2kg)

    T9032LVIO Datasheet (1 page) T9032LVIO Datasheet (1 page)