528 Series Microphone Station Expansion Board

  • PoE enabled
  • Network Ready
  • GCK Optimized
  • CobraNet enabled
  • Fault Reporting

    The IEDA528E is a 3-port expansion board that mounts to most 528 series microphone stations to provide three (3) expansion ports that can interface with any combination of IEDA528SK-H Sidekicks or IEDA520FME-H expansion stations. The IEDA528E can be retrofitted to existing IEDA528VFM-H or IEDA528HFM-H microphone stations. It can be retrofitted with the IEDA528HDT-H or IEDA528VDT-H with modification to the box. It is not compatible with the IEDA528HDT-G, IEDA528VDT-S or IEDA528SRME-H stations.

    The following part numbers are used for ordering a 528 series microphone station with the IEDA528E pre-installed.

    • IEDA528VFME-H
    • IEDA528HFME-H
    • IEDA528VDTE-H
    • IEDA528HDTE-H

    Frequency Response +0, -1.0dB (22Hz - 22kHz, Input Level
    Signal to Noise Ratio >85dB (22Hz - 22kHz, Input Level
    Maximum Input Signal +6dBu
    Total Harmonic Distortion <0.1% (22Hz - 22kHz, Input Level
    Operating Temperature Range +32°F - +104°F (0°C - +40°C)
    Maximum Output Level +7dBu
    Gain 23dB
    Storage Temperature Range -40°F - +158°F (-40°C - +70°C)
    Height 3.7" (94mm)
    Width 3.5" (89mm)
    Depth 0.72" (18mm)