EN54-16 End-of-Line Speaker Load Modules for Supervision (for amplifiers < 200W)

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  • EN54-16 Certified

    5410EOL Connection

    The Model 5410EOL / 5411EOL End-of-Line Module is a device which augments automatic testing of 100 Volt constant voltage speaker lines. The 5410EOL / 5411EOL allows testing continuity of speaker wiring all the way to the end of the line without the need and expense of a return wire from the line end. When used with the automated test function of the 5404DZM, the 5432DZM, the DNA2404x, or the T112 or T112C amplifiers, the 5410EOL / 5411EOL enables testing the integrity of the speaker lines. While the 5410EOL / 5411EOL represents a significant load to the amplifier and speaker lines at 20 kHz, it has no significant effect on the audible frequency performance of the system.

    For proper / complete speaker line testing, speakers on a circuit must be wired as one continuous string without any paralleled off branches. The figure below shows the right and wrong ways to interconnect speakers for proper testing. Only one 5410EOL / 5411EOL can be applied to the end of the speaker line of any one DZM speaker output. It is not permissible to place additional units in branch circuits of the same speaker output.

    This model (5410EOL) is for use with amplifiers producing less than 200W (continuous) or use with the output of the 5432DZM.
    For amplifiers producing 200W (continuous) or more, or when using the output of the DNA2404X or T112 / T112C, use the 5411EOL.

    Operating Temperature Range –40° F to +212° F (–40° C to +100° C)
    Storage Temperature Range –58° F to +221° F (–50° C to +105° C)
    Length 1.96" (49.78mm)
    Width 0.956" (24.28mm)
    Warranty Period 36 months from date of purchase

    5410EOL / 5411EOL Datasheet (1 page) 5410EOL / 5411EOL Datasheet (1 page)