2x2 CobraNet Audio I/O Module with Logic and Relays

MSRP (USD): $2,488.99
  • Network Ready
  • PoE
  • CobraNet enabled

    The IED1522AIOLR 2x2 CobraNet Audio I/O Module is a CobraNet interface for use in the professionally installed sound market. The IED1522AIOLR receives CobraNet network audio and sends them to two balanced analog audio outputs while simultaneously inputting two channels of mic/line level balanced audio and transmitting them as CobraNet network audio. The IED1522AIOLR is perfect for applications requiring additional inputs or outputs to an existing CobraNet system.

    • Inputs

    • Two balanced analog microphone/line inputs

    • Software adjustable, non-volatile, input levels from –50 to +24dBu

    • -90dB THD+ N

    • Software selectable 48V phantom power individually available on all inputs

    • Outputs

    • Two balanced analog line outputs

    • Software adjustable, non-volatile output levels from -10 tp +24dBu

    • GPIO

    • Four opto-isolated inputs

    • four normally open relay isolated outputs

    • CobraNet

    • Redundant CobraNet

    • Separate CobraNet channels of CobraNet channels used for in and out

    • DSP

    • Programmable delay up to 10 seconds on each audio output

    • 5 band parametric equalizer bands (high-pass, low-pass, peaking, notch)

    • Compander/Limiter on each input

    • Level Control

    • Power

    • Power over Ethernet (PoE) 802.3af complianton primary Ethernet connection

    Type 100BaseT Ethernet
    Connector Type RJ-45
    Sample Rate 48kHz
    Latency 1.33, 2.66 or 5.33ms
    Type Balanced
    Connector Type Terminal block
    Input Level -50 to +24dBu in 1dB increments
    Input impedance 5kOhm balanced
    Sample Rate 48kHz
    Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz +/-3dB
    Analog Output
    Type Balanced
    Connector Type Terminal Block
    Output Level -10 to +24 dBu in 1dBu steps
    Load Impedance -10 to +14dBu:600 Ohms or greater; 15dBu to +24dBu: 2kOhms or greater
    Dynamic Range >100dB
    THD+N < -88dB
    Sample Rate 48kHz
    Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz +/-3dB

    1522AIOLR Installation Manual (16 pages)
    1522AIOLR Data Sheet (6 pages)
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