• CobraNet enabled
  • Network Ready
  • GCK Optimized

    The 1200CPU is capable of handling the functions of any one of the following software applications, 1000vACS, 1000MSG, 1000TEL, or 1000DCI in a GLOBALCOM® system. The 1200CPU is not capable of running the T-CAS, FAS, or Prizm Client software packages. The 1200CPU includes the Windows® 7 embedded operating system with an Intel® Atom 1.6GHz processor, 2GB DDR3 memory and a 40GB hard drive. The unit also features an 8 input x 8 output CobraNet® digital audio sound card and VGA/DVI video output. Additionally, the 1200CPU includes 8 (10-pin Phoenix) logic inputs and 8 (10-pin Phoenix) relay outputs.



    Operating System Windows® 7 Embedded Standard
    Sample Rate 8 (12-pin Phoenix)
    Processor 2GB
    Display Type 40GB
    Ethernet Connector 8 Input x 8 Output CobraNet® Card
    Network Requirement 1 VGA/DVI
    Rack Units 1 x 1GB Network Adapters, 2 x 100MB Digital Audio Adapters
    Operating Voltage 5 (1 Front, 4 Rear)
    Power Supply 12V DC
    RAID Intel® Atom 1.6GHz
    Power Consumption 8 (10-pin Phoenix)

    1200ACS and 1100ACS Install Sheet (16 pages)
    1200ACS and 1100ACS Data Sheet (2 pages)
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