IED1100DCI Device Control Interface


    The 1100DCI Device Control Interface is an expansion unit used in a GLOBALCOM® system to provide a remote control interface method to networked output devices. The 1100DCI hosts an interface server that provides direct access to control program selection, background music (BGM) selection, and output levels in real time using mobile devices. An iOS®, Android®, Windows® Mobile, or any device with a compatible web browser that is allowed to connect to the system network can be used to control output devices such as the DNA and Titan series amplifiers, 1502AO audio output module, LC372SR sound-reinforcement module, or T9116 zone output processor.

    The 1100DCI provides three different options for interaction. A built-in web server will host a web page that can be accessed from the web browser installed on the mobile device. An application is also available that is installed directly on the device, thus eliminating the web interface wrapper. Thirdly, the control commands available through the 1100DCI can be accessed directly through HTTP commands. This provides an interface channel for external control systems such as Crestron® or AMX®.

    User access is restricted through the use of passwords. An administrative level of password is available to allow the configuration of various system-wide parameters. The device is added to the system and configured through the GLOBALCOM® System Management Center.

    • Control of program source, background music selection, and levels for IED networked output devices
    • Provides an interface between the GLOBALCOM® system and mobile devices or external control systems
    • Interfaces directly to GLOBALCOM® announcement controllers
    • Configuration is completed using the built-in administration web pages
    • Connectors
    • Power - 2-pin Phoenix, 3.81 mm spacing with locking screws
    • USB - 4 Rear / 1 Front
    • Ethernet - Control (10/100/1000 Mbps)
    • Video (2) - VGA/HDMI
    • Audio In/Out (2) (Not Used) - 1/8" Stereo Jack

    Supply Voltage 12 VDC
    Operating Temperature Range +32 ˚F – +95 ˚F (0 ˚C – +35 ˚C)
    Rated Input Current 2 Amps Max (24 W)
    Height 1.75", 1 rack unit (4.4 cm)
    Width 17" (43.2 cm)
    Depth 12.25" (31.1 cm)
    Recommended Mounting Depth 18" (45.7 cm)
    Weight 10.85 lb (4.92 kg)
    Storage Temperature Range -4 ˚F – +158 ˚F (-20 ˚C – +70 ˚C)

    1100DCI Datasheet (2 pages) 1100DCI Datasheet (2 pages)