GLOBALCOM® Digital Audio Bridge

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  • CobraNet enabled
  • Network Ready

    The 1100DAB Digital Audio Bridge is an expansion unit that is used in the GLOBALCOM® system to provide a way to bridge CobraNet® audio across local networks or VLANs. It is used to send and receive audio to GLOBALCOM® systems or Legacy ACS® systems that reside on multiple networks. Each network connection is dual redundant, allowing the maximum possible reliability in network connectivity. The 1100DAB can coexist with data traffic over existing Ethernet networks saving money and by eliminating additional infrastructure costs. The support of the 1100DAB allows up to 8 channels of CobraNet® being bridged between two networks in each direction (8x8).

    The device is added to the system and configured through the GLOBALCOM® System Management Center on the 1100/1200ACS that manages the 1100DAB. By using a network-based bridge, announcement management will be linked and routed resulting in announcement distribution.

    • Provides Compatibility with Some Legacy 500ACS Installations
    • Allows CobraNet Expansion Beyond a Layer Two Network
    • 8 Channels of Digital Audio In Each Direction
    • Fits Into One (1) RU of 19" Rack Space
    • Powered From a Single 12V DC Power Supply

    Power Supply Voltage 12VDC
    Operating Temperature Range +32°F to +95°F (0°C to +35°C)
    Rated Input Current 400mA (4.8W)
    Power Connector 2-Pin Phoenix with Locking Screws
    Ethernet Connector 2-Pair Dual Redundant Digital Audio
    Height 1.75" (4.45cm)
    Width 17" (43.2cm)
    Depth 12.25" (31.1cm)
    Weight 10.85 lb. (4.92kg)
    Warranty Period 36 months from date of purchase

    1100DAB Installation Instructions (11 pages) 1100DAB Installation Instructions (11 pages)