Intercom Transformer (45 Ohm, .5, 1 Watt)


    HX-33-4525, specifically designed for use with intercom applications when connecting a 45 ohm loudspeaker to a constant voltage system. The small size of these transformers makes them ideal for use in compact spaces. The insertion loss will not exceed 1.5dB and the frequency response is +2dB from 150Hz - 9kHz. The primary taps are .5 and 1 watt. Secondary impedance is 45 ohms. Model HX32-4570 is designed for 70.7-volt lines and HX33-4525 for 25-volt lines.

    25V Line Matching Transformer
    5 & 1 W Taps
    Intercom & General PA
    Height 1 3/16" (3.02 cm)
    Width 1 7/16" (3.65 cm)
    Depth 1/2" (1.19 cm)
    Shipping Weight 0.28 lbs (0.13 kgs)