High-Quality 4 Watt Audio Transformer 25V

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    Selection of single voltage or combination use constant-voltage line transformers includes models for professional and commercial sound and for intercom (45 ohm) applications. Transformers with 8 Or 4 ohm impedance mount standard 4" or 8" speakers without additional hardware except Model HT167 which may require bracket Model CX188329. For convenience and cost savings, AtlasIED speakers can be ordered with factory-installed transformers. Consult speaker specifications or technical service for proper speaker transformer combinations to meet your installation requirements.

    • Constructed with Audio Grade Laminations
    • Designed for Use on 25 Volt Lines
    • Frequency Response is 60Hz - 12KHz
    • High Quality Matching Transformer with Only 1.0 dB Insertion Loss
    • Primary Taps of .5, 1. 2. & 4 Watts

    Frequency Response 60Hz - 12KHz
    Power Taps .5, 1, 2 & 4
    Power Rating 4W
    Primary Voltage 25
    Height 1 5/8" (4.1275 cm)
    Width 1.969" (5.00126 cm)
    Depth 3/4" (1.82626 cm)
    Shipping Weight 0.67 lbs (0.30 kgs)

    Data Sheet
    Line Matching Tranformers Datasheet (3 pages)
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