Rectangular Electronic Siren Speaker 100 Watt RMS @ 11Ω


    AtlasIED siren speaker Model HPG-370GA is a reflex-type speaker with a rectangular molded bell. It is rated at 100 watts RMS in electronic siren use. Model HPG-370GA provides optimum sound level output of 120dB (measured at 1600 Hz, rated power, 3 meters on axis) and features a directed dispersion range of 80H° x 105V° (1 kHz octave band) to assure high-intensity acoustic genetration for electronic siren signals.

    Unit contains the patented AtlasIED SD-370A compression driver (U.S. Patent #7,760,501) complete with a non-fatiguing, self-aligning sound chamber assembly. These drivers have earned acceptance as the quality and performance standard for 100-watt electronic signal systems in police, fire, ambulance, and utility vehicles throughout the world.

    A patented, heavy-duty, one piece steel mounting bracket (U.S. patent #394,660) permits full-axis orientation of the speaker for preferred sound-projection directivity. The projector assembly is manufactured of plastic and finished in black. The driver is finished in black baked epoxy for optimum durability and corrosion protection. Units are shipped complete with all components and installation data for field installation. Replacement head assembly (Model K-370A) or driver assembly (Model SD-370A) are available for field replacement.

    • Offers 100-Watt Power Handling with High Intelligibility and Sound Penetration
    • Rugged, Compact, Weatherproof Construction
    • Specifically Designed for Electronic Siren and Voice Communication Signaling on Emergency Vehicles

    Height 5 3/8" (13.6525 cm)
    Sensitivity 110dB
    Width 70 5/16" (18.57502 cm)
    Depth 7" (17.78 cm)
    Shipping Weight 8.00 lbs (3.63 kgs)
    Finish Black Driver and Bell
    Dispersion 80° x 105° (1 kHz Octave Band)

    HPG-370GA HPG-370GA
    HPG-370GA Installation Instructions (1 page) HPG-370GA Installation Instructions (1 page)
    Siren Loudspeaker Datasheet (2 pages) Siren Loudspeaker Datasheet (2 pages)