Rectangular Electronic Siren Speaker 100W @ 11Ω

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    The HPG-100N Siren Speaker is utilized for high-powered transmission of electronic siren and voice communications in vehicular applications. It is suitable for installation within light bars, engine compartments, or for mounting in front of the radiator or on the bumper of any ambulance, law enforcement, fire, utility, or other public service vehicle. It is rated at 100 watts RMS in electronic siren use and will provide a sound level output of 120 dB (measured on appropriate electronic siren). It is furnished with a one piece,
    steel mounting bracket and has a field-replaceable driver-head assembly. Field terminations are via 20" (508 mm) 18-gauge, color-coded wire leads. Lead color is RED and BLACK. The RED lead is connected to the #2 positive driver terminal. (Replacement head assembly, Model K-100N, is available for field replacement of Model AS100N).

    • Field-Replaceable Driver-Head Assembly
    • Sound Output Meets Class A, Article 8, Title 13 of the CHP Vehicle Code, GSA KKK-A-1822D, SAE J1849 when used with matching control equipment.
    • 100 Watts RMS

    Frequency Response 450Hz - 3.5kHz
    Power Rating 100 Watts RMS
    Dispersion 80° x 105°, 1kHz Octave Band
    Height 5.3" (135mm)
    Width 7.47" (190mm)
    Depth 6.46" (164mm)
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    HPG-100N Install Sheet (1 page) HPG-100N Install Sheet (1 page)
    HPG-100N Data Sheet (2 pages) HPG-100N Data Sheet (2 pages)
    HPG-100N Data Sheet (5 pages) HPG-100N Data Sheet (5 pages)
    HPG-100N Datasheet (2 pages) HPG-100N Datasheet (2 pages)