UL Listed Explosion-Proof Wide Angle Horn

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  • Driver Sold Separately
  • UL Listed
  • IP45
  • BAA
  • TAA

    Model HLE/MLE-30 is a high-quality, polycarbonate projector that creates a 120° x 60° pattern for wide area coverage.

    ** Use with HLE or MLE explosion-proof compression driver assemblies to provide engineered, high-efficiency voice and electronic signal communication in hazardous areas. **

    **ONLY The HLE/MLE-30 and the HLE/MLE-32 Horns are UL Listed for use with the HLE or MLE Line of Explosion Proof Drivers **

    • Choice of 60 or 30 Watt High-Intelligibility Driver in Cast Aluminum Housing (Sold separately)
    • Efficiency of Reflex-Style Projector with Wide Angle
    • Listed by UL and CSA for Use in Hazardous/Combustible Environments (noted models)

    Height 6" (15.24 cm)
    Width 14" (35.56 cm)
    Depth 17 1/2" (44.45 cm)
    Shipping Weight 10.00 lbs (4.54 kgs)
    Dispersion 120° x 60 °
    Mounts Driver HLE-1, HLE-1T, HLE-3, HLE-3T, MLE-1, MLE-1T, MLE-3, MLE-3T
    Safety Listed 1203, 1604, 2279, 913, NFPA 503

    HLE Series Installation Instructions (1 page)
    HLE/MLE-30 CAD Drawing
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