IP116-EDU Announcement Control System with 16 CobraNet® Message Channels

  • GCK optimized
  • CobraNet enabled
  • QoS Compatible
  • G.711 Capable
  • G.729 Capable
  • Windows Compatible
  • Network Ready
  • Fault Reporting
  • Made in USA

    The IP116-EDU Announcement Control System (aka ACS) is the heart of AtlasIED's next-generation GLOBALCOM®.EDU mass communication platform designed for educational institutions. It manages the flow of announcements and messages between network endpoints such as digital communication stations, zone controllers, network power amplifiers, IP-based loudspeakers and other types of IP endpoints. Additionally it serves as a gateway for external I/O devices, VoIP telephone systems and analog audio to be incorporated into the ecosystem. 

    Each model is 'plug and play' ready with GCK application software installed and ready to be easily configured via an intuitive browser-based interface.

    The IP116-EDU model has the ability to interface with external systems via eight (8) built-in logic inputs and eight (8) built-in relay outputs as well as two (2) balanced line level audio inputs.

    The IP116-EDU Series Controllers support VoIP communications with Audio over Ethernet (AoE) functionality using sixteen digital channels of CobraNet® digital audio transport over the same network infrastructure simultaneously. Our VoIP is Wide Area Network (WAN) enabled allowing communication to be routed across an entire enterprise or to another LAN location.


    LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) and Active Directory Supported.
    Tech Specs
    RAID 64 Bit Intel® Quad Core™
    Sample Rate 48kHz
    Processor 24-bit
    Display Type 2-Line LCD
    Ethernet Connector RJ-45
    Network Requirement 100MBps/1000MBps
    Rack Units 1 RU, 19"
    Operating Voltage 12VDC
    Power Consumption 24W, 82 BTU/hr, 20.6 kcal/hr Max
    Safety Listed UL 60950
    Height 1.75" (44mm)
    Width 17.25" (438mm)
    Depth 7.75" (197mm)
    Weight 6.5 lbs (3kg)
    Support Files
    Data Sheet ATS005672 IP100-EDU Series Data Sheet (6 pages) View | Download
    CAD Drawing IP108/IP116 CAD Drawing Download