GDS-4W™ Content Manager

An enterprise software platform that acts as the heart of a GDS-4W™ system. It is the centralized application for device and content management

HTML5 browser-based and viewable on systems running Windows®, Mac®, or Linux® operating systems as well as browsers on both iOS® and Android® mobile devices.

Intuitive user interface that manages all content to easily organize, manage and publish media.

Easily manage and view all 4WPLAYER media players on the network.

Create playlists and quickly develop time schedules with our simplified calendar system.

Supports an extensive range of multimedia formats & data feeds. Offers users the ability to upload and manage a comprehensive range of content

Incorporates a template designer for easy content creation. It lets you create multi-layered templates with media and playlist zones, text fields, geometric shapes, current date and time,data feeds, social media and a customizable background layer (solid color or image of your choice).

It is 100% WYSIWYG. The platform allows real-time viewing of the actual content and data feeds while designing templates and tickers. No more guessing what the template will look like when published on onto the display screens.

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