Atlas Learn Single AL-MAGPIE and AL-MYNA Wireless Mics and Dual IR Dome Kit


    The Atlas Learn FLOCK2-1 complete kit is the ideal solution for any classroom or boardrooms.  The kit includes one (1) AL2430 amplifier/receiver, one (1) AL-MAGPIE wireless microphone, one (1) AL-MAGPIE-NEST charging station, one (1) AL-MYNA wireless microphone, one (1) AL-MYNA-NEST charging station, two (2) AL-IRDS infrared dome transmitters, and twenty (20) meters of coaxial cable to connect the AL-IRDS with the AL2430. This kit allows you to get all the benefits of the Atlas Learn system without paying for parts or accessories that are not needed.

    AtlasIED offers a full line of compatible in-ceiling and surface mount loudspeakers that can be used with an Atlas Learn system.

    AL2430 6 Input Mixer with Priority Page Override
    Front Panel Source Volume Control
    Operates Using 2 AA Rechargeable Batteries
    Dual Mode Operation
    AL-MYNA Wireless Infrared Microphone Transmitter
    Supports Up to Three Infrared Wireless Microphone Transmitters
    AL-MAGPIE Wireless Infrared Microphone Transmitter
    AL-IRDS Includes 10m Coaxial Cable for Connection to AL2430
    Support Files
    Atlas Learn Brochure (8 pages) View | Download
    Owners Manual AL-MYNA Owners Manual (12 pages) View | Download
    Owners Manual Owners Manual (16 pages) View | Download
    Owners Manual AL2430 Owners Manual (8 pages) View | Download