Plaster Ring Strategy Series 4 inch

    Model FAPR-4 plaster ring is used to mount Strategy Series 4" loudspeakers into ceilings and walls for applications where an enclosure cannot be used, or where it is not desired.

    Unit is constructed with the same internal mounting flange as FA97-4 and FA95-4 enclosures. It may be used to mount non-transformer equipped loudspeaker models into walls having a minimum. depth of 2 7/16". The FAPR-4 will facilitate installation of transformer-equipped loudspeaker models into walls with a minimum depth of 4 3/8".

    Plaster ring is constructed of unpainted galvanized steel. It is equipped with four threaded inserts for loudspeaker installation and three stud receptacles for mounting Strategy Series grilles. The mounting mechanism is comprised of three rotating clamps (included).
    Constructed with the Same Internal Mounting Flange as FA97-4 and FA95-4 Enclosure
    Includes Flip Tab Dog Ears for Installation into Wall or Ceiling
    Threaded Inserts for Loudspeaker Installation
    Tubular Spring Clips on Flanged Face Accept Ribbed Weld Studs on Strategy I Grills
    Used to Mount Strategy Speakers Where Enclosure Will Not Fit or is Not Desired
    Depth 7/8" (2.2225 cm)
    Diameter 6 1/2" (16.51 cm)
    Shipping Weight 0.67 lbs (0.30 kgs)
    Safety Listed 1480