5 1/4" Coaxial In-Ceiling Speaker with 6-Watt 70/100V Transformer and Ported Enclosure


Only available in Asia

  • 70V / 100V Operation
  • Non-Powered
  • Paintable

    PLEASE NOTE: This product is stocked and shipped from your warehouse in China. This product is ONLY available for sale in Asia.

    The FAP51T offers a unique, patented tap selector switch design that allows for easy system tuning and installation. A full selection of taps up to 6 Watts is included for maximum system versatility.

    In fact, the frequency response of the FAP51T is so natural that many would assume that the driver in the FAP51T was a coaxial design instead of a dual cone driver. Low frequency response is enhanced by the tuned and ported enclosure design. The enclosure (94HB grade) is constructed of high impact injection molded plastic and includes a press fit grille design that blends well with contemporary architecture.

    A PHX terminal located on back of the FAP51T enclosure allows for easy system wiring as well as “daisy chain“ wiring to other FAP51Ts or even subwoofers like the FAPSUB-1.

    • Cost Effective Complete Ceiling Speaker Package
    • Tuned & Ported Design for Extended Bass Response
    • 70.7V/100V Speaker Designed for Global Installations
    • Low Profile High-Quality Plastic Enclosure
    • Input Via PHX Terminal Block
    • Press-Fit Grille Blends Perfectly into Contemporary Architecture
    • Lightweight Construction Does Not Require Additional Support
      in Dry Wall Ceilings
    • Tile Bridge Included
    • Perfect Companion with the FAPSUB Subwoofer System When
      Sub Bass Is Required

    Woofer 5 1/4" Dual Cone Speaker
    Transformer Taps 100V: 1.5W/2W/6W, 70.7V: 0.75W/1.5W/3W
    Frequency Response 100Hz – 18kHz (±3dB)
    Sensitivity 86dB (±3dB)
    Woofer Magnet EDGE Magnet
    Bezel Diameter 8.42" (214mm)
    Overall Height 4.53" (115mm)
    Cut Out Diameter 6.89" (175mm)
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    FAP51T Data Sheet (2 pages) FAP51T Data Sheet (2 pages)