4" Coaxial In-Ceiling Speaker with 16-Watt 70/100V Transformer and Ported Enclosure - Black

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  • UL Listed
  • CE
  • 70V / 100V Operation
  • Non-Powered
  • Paintable
  • 8Ω Operation

    FAP42T-B combines superior coaxial speaker performance with wide dispersion and easy installation.

    A low profile enclosure and wide coverage make the FAP42T-B a perfect choice for low ceilings.

    The FAP42T-B will satisfy the needs of owners, architects, contractors, and consultants by delivering true, high fidelity sound reproduction in an attractive and easy-to-install system.

    The FAP42T-B is ideal for high-intelligibility voice, music, and signal reproduction in commercial, industrial, and institutional applications.

    • 4 Pole Detachable "Phoenix" Style Connector Allows Easy Pre-Wiring and is Convenient for Daisy Chaining Additional Strategy Full Range Speakers or Subwoofers
    • Easy Installation in Drop Tile or Sheetrock Ceilings via C-ring/V-rail Tile Bridge and "Dog Leg" Mounting System (Included)
    • Enhanced Quality 70.7V/100V Internal Transformers Minimize Insertion Loss and Maintain Low Frequency Response While Providing increased Output for Higher SPL Applications
    • Extended Low Frequency Response from the 285 Cubic Inch Optimally Tuned and Ported Deep Drawn Galvanized Steel Enclosure
    • Front Mounted Tap Selector Switch for Easy System Tuning Adjustments Includes Transformer Bypass Setting for 8 ohm Direct Coupled Operation
    • Perfect Companion with the FAPSUB Subwoofer System When Sub Bass is Required
    • Press-Fit Grille Blends Perfectly into Contemporary Architecture

    Speaker Type Coaxial
    Sensitivity 88dB Average
    Power Taps 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 Watts & 8Ω
    Frequency Response 75Hz - 20kHz
    Dispersion 130°
    Diameter 10 1/2" (26.67 cm)
    Shipping Weight 12.00 lbs (5.44 kgs)
    Certified to Safety Listing UL 1480

    Installation Sheet
    FAP42T Installation Sheet (1 page)
    Installation Sheet
    INPPFAP42T (1 page)
    Installation Sheet
    INPPFAP42T.PDF (1 page)
    Data Sheet
    FAP42T Data Sheet (4 pages)
    Data Sheet
    FAP42T Data Sheet (4 pages)
    Data Sheet
    FAP42T Datasheet (4 pages)
    CAD Drawing
    CAD Drawing
    CAD Drawing
    FAP42T BIM
    EASE File
    FAP42T EASE File
    Revit Drawing
    FAP42T-B Revit Drawing