Adaptor for 6" speaker pattern to 8" hole pattern

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    The FAMT-6 is a specially designed plate that facilitates installation of a 6" Strategy 1 speaker or APF Series re-entrant horn to specified vandal-proof baffles.

    It is also a general-purpose mounting ring/adapter for retrofit applications that allows a 6" cone or horn speaker to mount to a standard 8" enclosure and/or baffle.

    • Allows 6" Speaker an APF Horns to be Used with 8" Baffles
    • Expands 6" Speaker Bolt Hole Pattern to that of an 8" Speaker
    • Replaces VPA-APF

    Depth 5/16" (0.79502 cm)
    Diameter 8 1/2" (21.59 cm)
    Shipping Weight 0.56 lbs (0.25 kgs)
    Safety Listed 1480
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    Recessed Vandal-Proof Baffles Datasheet (2 pages) Recessed Vandal-Proof Baffles Datasheet (2 pages)
    FAMT-6 Install Sheet (1 page) FAMT-6 Install Sheet (1 page)