Recess Enclosure w Dog Legs for 6" Strategy ExDp No KO

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  • UL Listed
  • CUL
  • BAA
  • TAA

    Model FA97-6NK installs quickly and easily in plaster, drywall, or suspended tile ceilings up to 2 3/8" thick utilizing three, easy-to-adjust rotating clamps that rotate and secure into position with a screwdriver.

    The enclosure front-loads AtlasIED's Strategy Series 6" dia. speaker Models FA136 and FA116. This direct speaker to enclosure mounting method removes all load-bearing requirements from the grille, allowing the use of welded studs for convenient, push-on grille installation — a time-saving feature which presents a clean and hardware-free appearance. It also facilitates fast and easy grille removal for painting or other maintenance.

    The FA97-6NK allows the high-performance coaxial FA136 speaker to achieve maximum potential. This high-quality speaker/enclosure combination is perfect for applications where high-fidelity music and intelligible speech are imperative.

    • Acoustically Treated Enclosure for Strategy I Speakers
    • Depth of Enclosure Allows for Extended Low Frequency Response
    • Flip Tab Dog Ears Allow for Installation in Ceilings Up to 2 3/8" Thick
    • Recessed Lip in Opening Mounts Speaker Directly to Enclosure to Provide a Sealed System
    • Speaker Mounted to Enclosure Frees Grill from Any Load Bearing Requirements so Push-Mount Style Grills can be Used
    • Tubular Spring Clips on Flanged Face Accept Ribbed Weld Studs on Strategy I Grills
    • UL1480 and UL2042 listed for Use in General Signaling and Plenum Ceilings

    Depth 7 5/8" (19.3675 cm)
    Diameter 7" (17.78 cm)
    Shipping Weight 2.83 lbs (1.29 kgs)
    Safety Listed 1480, 2043
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    Strategy Series 6" Mounting System Accessories Datasheet (4 pages)
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