Multi-Function Analog Mixer Card Input Module for Use With the F6-MF Modular Amplifier

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    The F6-AMIX is an 8 input by 6 output analog mixer card designed for use with the F6-MF.  The F6-AMIX module adds increased functionality and value to the F6-MF Multi-Impedance Modular Amplifier, reducing the need for additional external devices for more complex paging and background music systems. The F6-AMIX Multi-Function Analog Input Mixer Card is feature loaded with stereo summed and Mic/Line inputs with global assignment, signal mixing and remote level control, and mute priority capabilities.

    Mic/Line Input with Phantom Power
    AUX Input with Stereo Summing
    Matrix Routing of Mic/Line and AUX Inputs to Any Output
    Separate Remote Level Control of Mic and AUX Inputs
    Mute Bus with VOX and Contact Closure Muting
    Inputs (enter custom value)
    Type Qty 1, Unbalanced
    Connector Type RCA Left and Right Actively Summed
    Input Level 316mV (-10dBV)
    Type Qty 1, Balanced Mic or Line Selectable
    Connector Type Removable 3 Position Captive Screw 3.5mm Spacing
    Line Input Level 1V Balanced
    Mic Input Level 40dB Gain
    Type Qty 6, Balanced from F6-MF Input
    Input Level Control Channels 1-6, Mic/Line, RCA Summed
    Remote Level Control Port Mic/Line and RCA, Qty 2 Removable 2 Position Captive Screw 3.5mm Spacing for Each Port
    VOX Sensitivity Sensitivity Range 2mV-20mV
    Phantom Power 15VDC
    Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz
    THD 0.06% at 1kHz Average
    Dimensions 1.55" (40mm) x 6.125" (156mm) x 5.34" (135mm)
    Owners Manual
    F6-AMIX Owners Manual (16 pages)