Multi-Function Analog Mixer Card Input Module for Use With the F6-MF Modular Amplifier


    The F6-AMIX is an 8 input by 6 output analog mixer card designed for use with the F6-MF.  The F6-AMIX module adds increased functionality and value to the F6-MF Multi-Impedance Modular Amplifier, reducing the need for additional external devices for more complex paging and background music systems. The F6-AMIX Multi-Function Analog Input Mixer Card is feature loaded with stereo summed and Mic/Line inputs with global assignment, signal mixing and remote level control, and mute priority capabilities.

    • Mic/Line Input with Phantom Power
    • AUX Input with Stereo Summing
    • Matrix Routing of Mic/Line and AUX Inputs to Any Output
    • Separate Remote Level Control of Mic and AUX Inputs
    • Mute Bus with VOX and Contact Closure Muting

    Inputs (enter custom value)
    Type Qty 1, Unbalanced
    Connector Type RCA Left and Right Actively Summed
    Input Level 316mV (-10dBV)
    Type Qty 1, Balanced Mic or Line Selectable
    Connector Type Removable 3 Position Captive Screw 3.5mm Spacing
    Line Input Level 1V Balanced
    Mic Input Level 40dB Gain
    Type Qty 6, Balanced from F6-MF Input
    Input Level Control Channels 1-6, Mic/Line, RCA Summed
    Remote Level Control Port Mic/Line and RCA, Qty 2 Removable 2 Position Captive Screw 3.5mm Spacing for Each Port
    VOX Sensitivity Sensitivity Range 2mV-20mV
    Phantom Power 15VDC
    Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz
    THD 0.06% at 1kHz Average
    Dimensions 1.55" (40mm) x 6.125" (156mm) x 5.34" (135mm)
    Warranty Period 36 months from date of purchase

    F6-AMIX Owners Manual (16 pages) F6-AMIX Owners Manual (16 pages)