Adapter Ring for Flush Mounting of Voice / Tone™ Loudspeakers

  • TAA

    The F-P Flush adapter plate for VTF Series loudspeakers allows recessed mounting to standard 4 11/16" (119mm) backboxes. Unit is also suited to mount solid exterior or hollow interior wall surfaces where a backbox is not required. Weight is .4 lbs (.18 kg). Unit is of CRS stamped construction; not painted.

    All Models Produce High Level Output, Optimum Intelligibility, and Effective Dispersion
    Choose from Surface or Recessed Models in Red or Neutral Gray Finish
    Durable, Die-Cast, Water-Sealed Housings Withstand Vandalism, Vermin, Moisture, Corrosion, and Vibration
    Easy and Low Cost Installation Via Standard E.O. Boxes
    Ideal for Reliable Voice/Tone Signaling in Public Area Emergency Communications and Heavy-Duty Industrial Applications
    Patented Emergency Loudspeakers Available in 8-Ohm, 70.7V, and 25V Versions
    Height 4 11/16" (11.90752 cm)
    Depth 1 1/2" (3.81 cm)
    Shipping Weight 0.05 lbs (0.02 kgs)
    SL6.1439.PDF (4 pages)