Complete Sound Masking System for Commercial Applications

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  • Electrical Safety Listed for Plenum
  • Soundmasking
  • Powered
  • 70V100VCAPABLE
  • Integrated Mounting System
    The EZSYS-PRIVACY-A Package Includes
    System Package

    The EZSYS-PRIVACY-A package is an entire sound masking system. It includes an amplified sound masking generator and industry-best sound masking speakers. The box illustrates the proper way to connect the equipment including cable and tool requirements

    5 Year Warranty

    An extended warranty is provided for all products included in each EZSYS package for years of worry-free operation.

    Say What?™

    Improve Productivity and Reduce Office Distractions with Sound Masking Devices

    A sound masking system emits low-level, non-distracting masking noise specifically tuned and designed to reduce ambient speech and thereby improve speech privacy. This improvement in speech privacy can be of great value in open-plan offices, doctors’ examination rooms and other environments where confidentiality is important.

    Sound masking can also reduce the distraction caused by traffic, office machinery and other unwanted sounds. Because this benefit is limited to situations where the unwanted sounds are of relatively low level, however, speech privacy is the focus of most sound masking systems.
    System Diagram
    System Diagram


    AM1200 Owners Manual (12 pages) AM1200 Owners Manual (12 pages)
    M1000 Install Sheet (2 pages) M1000 Install Sheet (2 pages)
    M1000-W Data Sheet (1 page) M1000-W Data Sheet (1 page)
    AM1200 Data Sheet (2 pages) AM1200 Data Sheet (2 pages)
    Atlas Sound Masking White Paper (2 pages) Atlas Sound Masking White Paper (2 pages)