3-Way Powered Line Array Speaker System Pair

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     The Atlas A-Line EMMA active, modular line array system is a highly intelligible, high efficiency 3-way speaker system ideally suited for use in speech and music reproduction applications for medium to large venues like houses of worship, theaters and concert halls. The system consists of two parts: the EM806A-B, which includes eight 6.5" high frequency ribbon drivers and eight 6.5" low / mid frequency drivers and the EMW410A-B, which includes four 10" subwoofers. Each unit is powered by an integrated class D amplifier with pre‑configured DSP. Both models utilize an optimally designed Baltic birch constructed enclosure. The trim line, two cabinet design allows the units to be stacked to create a sleek, clean looking set up with minimal sightline interference.

    This package sku includes two (2) EM806A-B, two (2) EMW410A-B, and two (2) EMWB wheel board assemblies for transporting the speaker systems.

    • EM806A-B
    • Eight 6.5" High Frequency Ribbon Drivers
    • Eight 6.5" Midrange Drivers
    • Integrated 1500W Class D Amplifier
    • EMW410A-B
    • Four 10" Subwoofers
    • Integrated 1000W Class D Amplifier
    • Integrated Carrying Handles for Easy Transport
    • Heavy Duty Duracoat™ Finish
    • M&F XLR & I/O PowerCON™ Connectors

    EM806A-B (enter custom value)
    Total RMS Power 1500 Watts
    Horizontal Dispersion 120°
    Midrange RMS Power 1000 Watts
    Horizontal Dispersion Omni
    Crossover Frequency 90Hz/125Hz - 2kHz
    Height 54.4" (138.18 cm)
    Depth 9.4" (23.88 cm)
    Weight 97 lbs (44.00 kg)
    EMW410A-B 1
    Frequency Response 40Hz - 125Hz
    Crossover Frequency 90Hz/125Hz
    MAX SPL 130 dB
    Height 48.4" (122.94 cm)
    Depth 19" (48.26 cm)
    Width 13.1" (33.27 cm)
    Weight 105 lbs (47.63 kg)
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    ALA004558 EMMA2K-B Owner's Manual (12 pages) ALA004558 EMMA2K-B Owner's Manual (12 pages)
    EMMA System Owners Manual (12 pages) EMMA System Owners Manual (12 pages)