Fan Panel for Use with WMA Half Width Racks

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    The EFP3-HR assembly dissipates equipment-generated heat quickly from WMA half width cabinets. Designed for top or bottom panel installation with a single fan; this model has a 76 CFM fan speed.  Model comes complete with fan protected by nickel chrome plated wire grille backed with a steel wire mesh screen assembled to a 16-gauge CRS panel. Panel mounts easily to all E.I.A. standard mounting rails and are stocked in standard black finish. Fans are factory-mounted for exhaust cooling and may be rotated easily, in the field, for intake cooling.

    • Single Fan with 115 CFM Rating Provide for Rapid and Efficient Heat Dissipation
    • Suitable for Exhaust Cooling or Intake Circulation
    • Recessed Style

    Width 10.4" (264mm)
    Height 5.2" (132.1mm)
    Depth 1.94" (49.28mm)
    Warranty Period 12 months from date of purchase