These video modules illustrate key features and functions of the BlueBridge® Designer software.

Intro to BlueBridge® Designer Software
Intro to BlueBridge<sup>®</sup> Designer Software

These tutorials cover an overview of the BlueBridge® system, setting up a network and updating firmware.

BlueBridge® Designer Network View
BlueBridge<sup>®</sup> Designer Network View

This tutorial covers the Network view, how to get to the Network view, look at a design, open up devices and adjust settings, view status of devices and testing of your network.

Working with BlueBridge® Designer Components
Working with BlueBridge<sup>®</sup> Designer Components

This tutorial covers inserting components into your design, wiring them up and controlling their properties.

Working with BlueBridge® Designer Design Elements
Working with BlueBridge<sup>®</sup> Designer Design Elements

In this video, you will learn about design elements to further enhance your graphical layout.

BlueBridge® Designer Bill of Materials
BlueBridge<sup>®</sup> Designer Bill of Materials

In this video tutorial, you will learn how BlueBridge® Designer creates a bill of materials for your installation and how to create title blocks.

BlueBridge® Mic Pre Outputs
BlueBridge<sup>®</sup> Mic Pre Outputs

Learn more about the unique BlueBridge® Mic Pres.

BlueBridge® Designer DSP Modules
BlueBridge® Designer DSP Modules

In this tutorial, you will learn about wire propagation, as well as tips and tricks to speed up your design.

Associating a Design with BlueBridge® Hardware
Associating a Design with BlueBridge<sup>®</sup> Hardware

With a design created, this tutorial will teach you how to associate the design file hardware elements to your actual BlueBridge® hardware and test their operation.

Working with BlueBridge® Designer Presets
Working with BlueBridge® Designer Presets

This video tutorial covers preset creation and usage in the BlueBridge® Designer software.

BlueBridge® Designer Preset Management
BlueBridge<sup>®</sup> Designer Preset Management

This video tutorial teaches you about presets management and how to implement them in your design.

3rd Party Control with BlueBridge®
3rd Party Control with BlueBridge<sup>®</sup>

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to control BlueBridge® via 3rd party controllers.

Control String Test Over IP
Control String Test Over IP

In this video, you will learn how to create a control string and test your design over IP.