Original WhisperTouch 8Ω 50W, Decora-style, Stereo Switched Attenuator Ivory

    WhisperTouch 8-ohm, switched volume controls provide for clear, distortionfree stereo music reproduction when one or multiple speaker pairs are powered by a single amplifier. Model DWS-8 is an 8-ohm device with a smart on/off switch, LED status indicator, and a volume-control knob mounted to a decora-style wall plate.
    Frequency response is 20Hz - 20kHz (-3dB, +0). Attenuation is accomplished in ten steps plus positive off. The first six steps are 3dB for fine tune control at low listening levels, the next three steps are 6dB, followed by one 9dB step and finally one 28dB step before "off".
    The "switched" WhisperTouch series features an electronic on/off pushbutton switch that provides access to the active audio system without going to the main equipment location. It also turns itself off when the system shuts down, and remains off until re-selected, thereby avoiding the problem of mass audio distribution at previous system settings. The "switched" WhisperTouch volume controls also feature a two-color LED that provides remote visual indication of system availability. It appears "red" when the audio system is on, changing to "green" when the volume control is activated.
    Volume adjustments are made easily with the unique WhisperTouch low-profile knob. Pleasant to the touch, this small knob measures 15/16" Dia. and projects a mere 1/2" for unobtrusive yet functional operation. The control operates smoothly with fine detents and make-before-break contacts for gradual and uninterrupted transition of volume levels. High-quality units feature terminal block conectors for easy hook-up and require a 12 VDC power supply (order separately). Recommended models include PS-M12 which will power up to 2 units, or PS12-10 which will power up to 12 units. Assemblies measure 23/4" deep and mount into a 20 cu.in. E.O. Box such as Carlon Model B120A or equivalent. Specify plate color: suffix (-I) for ivory or (-W) for white.

    • 1x Setting Allows Use As a Standard 8Ω Non-Impedance Matching Volume Control
    • 50-Watt, 8-Ohm Rating Achieves Clear, Stereo Music Reproduction
    • Impedance-Matching Capability of 2X, 4X & 8X Provides System Design Flexibility
    • Low-Profile Styling is Offered with Decora-Style or Standard Plate in Ivory or White
    • Two-Color LED and Pushbutton Switch Provide Visual Indication and Convenient Access to the Active Sound System

    Height 4 1/8" (10.4775 cm)
    Width 10 11/16" (4.28752 cm)
    Depth 2 5/8" (6.6675 cm)
    Shipping Weight 1.10 lbs (0.50 kgs)
    Plate Color Ivory
    Plate Size 1 gang
    Plate Type Decora
    Power Rating 50W 8 Ohms
    Total Attenuation 22.5 dB

    Switched Whispertouch 8-ohm Stereo Volume Contorls (2 pages) Switched Whispertouch 8-ohm Stereo Volume Contorls (2 pages)