DIRECTOR® System Management Software


    IED Director® is a management application that provides a comprehensive application-specific interface to your IED GLOBALCOM®.IP system. The software provides an easily accessible view of your overall system status and makes system operation very easy through an intuitive and fully customized graphical user interface. It provides a real time display of announcement activity and system status. Integrated display of system faults allows you to quickly isolate problems within the system. The graphical nature of the interface provide a wide range of user interactivity. The system can be viewed at a less detailed overview or drill down to display and interact with individual zones.

    IED Director® is the ideal addition to your GLOBALCOM®.IP system for system management in complex facilities such as large airports, public transportation systems, industrial campuses or retail centers.

    Launch prerecorded messages
    Queue mic stations for live announcements
    Zone/zone group selection
    Record and store audio messages with visual counterpart
    Schedule prerecorded messages
    Announcement logging
    Support for multiple Windows Users
    Fault monitoring and logging
    Monitor controller and lifeline status
    Create and store text-to-speech messages
    Send mic station entry codes for launching actions and events
    Trigger events from external sources (contact closures)
    Create and save announcement templates with variables
    Create and store visual messages with font style editing (italics, bold, flashing, etc.)
    Customized filters for fault monitoring
    Customized filters for announcement logging
    Control background music levels
    Customized graphical zone map for zone selection
    Zoom + Pan map animation
    Support for multiple controllers
    Multiple user profiles with unique permissions
    Processor Required 1.2GHz (optimum: dual core)
    RAM Required Minimum 256MB for the application (optimum: 2GB system RAM)
    Hard Drive Required 100MB (optimum: 500GB drive)
    Graphic Card Requirements Hardware support for Direct X9
    Network Requirement 100MB Ethernet
    Libraries .Net Framework 4.0
    Operating System Windows® XP 32bit Service Pack2, Windows® Vista® 64bit, Windows® 7 64bit
    Graphics Driver DirectX9