8" Dual Cone In-Ceiling Speaker with 5-Watt 70V Transformer and 5oz Magnet

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  • 70V100VCAPABLE

    Model C5AT70 is a reliable, economically priced 15-watt speaker with a pre-mounted 70.7V 5W transformer that offers many features found in speakers costing considerably more.

    It includes a curvelinear, treated-paper cone for lower harmonic distortion. It is also equipped with a full 1" diameter copper voice coil with a black-anodized aluminum former for better power dissipation.

    Model C5A operates within a frequency response range of 50Hz - 18kHz with a sensitivity of 96dB and a dispersion angle of 105°.

    It mounts a wide variety of AtlasIED round and square baffles and enclosures to meet functional and aesthetic application requirements.

    • Ideal for Multi-Purpose Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Use
    • Industry Standard Value Loudspeaker with Proven Performance
    • Mounts a Wide Selection of Atlas Sound Baffles
    • With Factory-Installed LT-70 Line-Matching Transformer

    Speaker Type Treated Paper
    Sensitivity 96dB Peak, 93dB Average
    Frequency Response 100Hz - 10kHz
    Power Taps .5, 1, 2, & 5 Watts
    Dispersion 105°
    Depth 2 5/8" (6.6675 cm)
    Diameter 8" (20.32 cm)
    Shipping Weight 2.17 lbs (0.98 kgs)
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    C5A, C10A, C803A Install Sheet (1 page)
    C5A Series Data Sheet (4 pages)
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