The Faces Behind the Voices


Innovative Electronic Designs, the IED in AtlasIED, has been manufacturing sophisticated communications systems for airports and transportations systems around the world for over forty years. One of the benefits of an AtlasIED transportation center communication system is the pre-recorded announcements that communicate information to travelers throughout the day. These announcements need to be intelligible so the information can be communicated accurately over the high ambient noise levels often found in airports and train stations.

AtlasIED has been relying on the same voices to deliver these messages and unlike many pre-recorded messages, these messages are actually recorded by real people. Carolyn Hopkins and Jack Fox have been working with AtlasIED for many years to record the messages you hear so often entering an airport, waiting at a gate, or standing on the platform waiting for the next train.

Both personalities have been featured in television interviews that continue to spotlight their unique talents via the Internet.

Click the videos below to learn more about these unseen vocal celebrities.

CBS New York Talks with Carolyn Hopkins

Louisville, KY News Station WDRB Introduces Jack Fox