Weight Training Not Required for Rack Installation

Load-A-Rack Installation Tool


Have you ever struggled to hold a 50lb amplifier with one arm while you try to hold a mounting screw on the end of your screwdriver, and line up the holes on the rack rails with the mounting ears of the amplifier all while you hope you don't strip the threads? Or better yet, have you ever dropped a heavy rack component onto other components in the rack when you were trying to take it out? WHY?

Most of us have been there at one point or another. Installing and servicing rack installed AV equipment can be a struggle if you aren't an avid fitness enthusiast personally trained by Hans and Frans. Damaged components, busted knuckles, and sore muscles are often the result of a typical day installing components into rack or servicing rack components in the field.

One day after limping into work after dropping the corner of a power conditioner on his foot, one of our engineers thought there had to be a better way. A year later, we debuted the Load-A-Rack Installation Tool (LAR150) at InfoComm 2014. 

If the LAR150 saves one dropped rack component from falling to the ground, or worse yet, falling on your foot, it will pay for itself. Sore muscles from your Friday afternoon rack installation don't have to linger on throughout the weekend and you don't need a gym membership or personal trainers like Hans and Frans to "Pump... You up!" You just need the LAR150!