It's a Phone!


With so many devices now living on the network, IT Administrators are forced to manage other systems outside of those they are familiar with. While there may be multiple questions an IT Administrator has about a network based communications system, one of their primary concerns tends to be bandwidth. “How much bandwidth will your devices use on my network?” 

IT departments maintain multiple systems that are required for efficient and effective day-to-day operations. Printers, computers, VoIP phone systems, email servers, and website performance (just to name a few) are high priorities. The last thing an IT person wants is a new communications system slowing down or causing problems for these systems that are already in place.

So, the million dollar question is “How much will your devices impact the network?” For AtlasIED's IPX family of IP endpoint devices, the answer is simple. “It’s just like a phone.” Our devices use no more bandwidth than your typical IP phone. In addition, IT Admins can take comfort in knowing that adding an IPX endpoint device to their network is no more complicated than adding another IP phone to their VoIP system just like they would for a newly hired person.

IPX endpoint devices are communication tools. While you don’t pick up an IPX endpoint and dial out, each device in the IPX family is a communication tool just like a VoIP phone.

So the next time an IT Administrator communicates concerns about adding our IPX endpoints to their network, speak their language and tell them, “It’s a phone!”