Every Business Needs A Great Music System


Audio/video media drives the business world today. Whether you are running a restaurant or a retail store, successful businesses are leveraging business music as a medium to create an experience that attracts and retains customers while also improving employee satisfaction. Professional-quality music makes your business trendy, enjoyable, and memorable. You know what your business looks like with design details such as brand colors and styles, but have you taken a moment to close your eyes? What does your business sound like?

In the past, businesses would use a basic sound system connected to a static FM radio or low-quality background music service playing commercials. This practice was deemed “good enough” for customers. However, today customers want business music systems to match or surpass their own Hi-Fi home theater and personal audio devices. Whether you own a dentist office or a clothing store, your customers and employees want to enjoy being there and music is one key to this happiness.

Customer expectations are high, and business music systems must be more advanced. The best systems integrate technologies such as digital audio, video, zoned paging, network control, and for some environments, emergency notifications. A small Bluetooth speaker behind a counter does nothing for shoppers on the other side of the store. A well-designed business music system should also be user friendly and reliable, looking and sounding excellent while being easy to operate for many worry-free years.

An additional benefit to utilizing a quality business music system is increased sales. There have been numerous scientific studies going all the way back to Cain-Smith & Curnow in 1966 that have linked increases in shopping time and sales volume as a result of music being a part of the shopping experience. It is important to also match your music choice to your product and clientele. If your target market is customers younger than twenty-five, it does no good to play classic rock on your music system since they will consider it old music that they have no interest in. There are a number of business music content providers including Mood Media and Play Network that offer a variety of programming options that allow you to choose the ideal music for your store.

Business music systems are ideal for offices, lobbies, retail stores, restaurants, bars, fitness centers, waiting areas, and many other applications. Visit the AtlasIED Business Music Solutions page to learn about all of the benefits a quality business music system can offer your company.