Budget-Friendly Assurance for Critical Communications


Since implementing the first Platinum Assurance Plan in 2009, our (AtlasIED Support Services) goal has been to provide our customers with the finest, most comprehensive, preventive support program for trouble-free communication systems.

AtlasIED Platinum Assurance Plan logoVia preventive measures, these plans can reduce the risk of unplanned, unscheduled interruptions of life safety and MNEC (Mass Notification and Emergency Communication) systems.

Designed with inherent redundancies, AtlasIED systems are recognized by the industry as being extremely reliable. However, when failures occur, Platinum and Modified Assurance Plans from AtlasIED Support Services provide numerous preventive features including scheduled system health checks, annual training of first responders, periodic software upgrades / updates / and licensing, scheduled hardware replacements, 24/7/365 priority (one hour response), and monthly Windows OS Security Updates. These comprehensive plans minimize the risk of down time and maintain the sustaining reliability and stability for which AtlasIED systems are known.

Delaying repairs, software upgrades or computer replacements while waiting for budget approvals or purchasing procedures, can intensify problems, and negatively affect MNEC and life safety processes designed to protect employees and customers. By providing comprehensive support at a fixed price, AtlasIED Assurance Plans eliminate any budget surprises and allow for budget planning years in advance. 

Airline/transit carriers, security, TSA, and the traveling public rely on AtlasIED systems to operate reliably and clearly convey time sensitive information. With such critical communications, maintaining a system’s reliability and stability is paramount. AtlasIED Platinum Assurance Plans significantly facilitate reliability and stability, and narrow the risk of unplanned, unscheduled interruptions.

For more information on AtlasIED Platinum Assurance Plans, visit https://www.atlasied.com/platinum-assurance.