BlueBridge® Site Manager

  • UL Listed
  • Network Ready

    The BlueBridge® BB-SM1 site manager allows for easy third party hardware integration as well as remote control via web browser, smartphone, or tablet device. It also provides time scheduler, 3rd party control over IP or RS232, and system wide backup.

    • Control BlueBridge® Devices Using Any Smartphone or Tablet
    • Third Party Control Interpreter Simplifies Third Party Control Programming
    • Schedule and Control Processor Preset Events Using Date and Tme Event Schedule Programming
    • Ethernet Connectivity and Control
    • Web Browser Control

    Indicator LEDs Power and Data
    Rear Panel Connections RJ45 and RS232
    Power 90-240VAC (50-60Hz)
    Width 19" (483mm)
    Warranty Period 36 months from date of purchase

    BB-SM1 Firmware BB-SM1 Firmware
    BB-SM1 Datasheet (1 page) BB-SM1 Datasheet (1 page)
    BB-SM1 Reference Guide (64 pages) BB-SM1 Reference Guide (64 pages)