Garden Speaker (Tall Base) 70 V


    ***Model has been replaced by the GST-G***

    The AtlasIED ATS183GL garden loudspeaker, designed for theme parks, hotels, or any architecturally landscaped area, simplify installation and deliver deep, rich sound. The loudspeaker is a coaxial 8", polypropylene/kevlar cone with rubber surround, 1.5" voice coil, 21 oz. magnet and a 1/2" mylar dome tweeter.
    The AtlasIED garden loudspeakers are designed to blend into any environment. They are available with two different base models. Model includes a deep base for in-landscape burial. The two-piece design allows for a two-phase installation. In phase one, the base is installed. Phase two, after initial construction is done, the system contractor can return to install the loudspeaker/transformer. This multiple step process protects the loudspeakers from being damaged during the construction/landscaping process and also eliminates the potential for theft from the construction site. The ATS183GL Garden Loudspeaker base even has a protective cover to keep debris out during construction. Inside the enclosure is a durable 8" coaxial loudspeaker with a great sounding 360-degree horizontal dispersion pattern. The enclosure is made of stable polyethylene, which ensures performance in even the most temperamental and unpredictable climates.

    Available in a Green Finish
    Convenient, externally adjustable 8, 16 and 32 watt taps in 70 Volt configuration
    Deep Base for Landscape Installations
    Down firing speaker cannot collect dust or condensation and is protected by triple layer grille assembly
    Durable 8" Coaxial Speakers with a 360-Degree Horizontal Dispersion Pattern
    Revolutionary two-piece design allows for two-phase installation
    Rugged construction can support up to 250 lbs.
    Tech Specs
    Depth 20 7/8" (53.0225 cm)
    Sensitivity 83.5dB 1W/1M (Half Space Ref)
    Diameter 17 3/8" (44.1325 cm)
    Shipping Weight 22.29 lbs (10.11 kgs)
    Frequency Response 43Hz to 20kHz (±7dB)
    Power Taps 8, 16 & 32
    Speaker Type Inground
    Dispersion 360°H x 50°V
    Support Files
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