XLR to Phoenix Style Connector (1 Meter w/ 5.5mm Phoenix Connector for use with AA Series Amplifiers)

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    Get the most out of your system with cabling and connections from Atlas Technologies' newest product group, Atlas Signal.  The most trusted name in commercial audio has added wiring to its industry leading speakers, amplifiers,  power equipment, and the full line of reliable, cost effective products. Atlas Signal solves some of the most common installation problems and exceeds expectations.

    The AS2PHX-1M-XLR is a balanced audio connection that connects an XLR connection from a source like a microphone to a Phoenix connector so it can be easily connected to an amplifier input.  Pin 1 in the XLR connector is the shield, Pin 2 is the "hot" cable, and Pin 3 is the common.


    Atlas Signal Datasheet (2 pages) Atlas Signal Datasheet (2 pages)