Component Video Cable
(2 Meters)

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    Get the most out of your system with cabling and connections from Atlas Technologies' newest product group, Atlas Signal.

    The most trusted name in commercial audio has added wiring to its industry leading loudspeakers, amplifiers, power equipment, and the full line of reliable, cost effective products.

    Atlas Signal solves some of the most common installation problems and exceeds expectations.
    PolyFlex Outer Jacket Protects the Internal Wiring While Allowing Flexibility When Running the Wire Through Cramped Spaces
    Accu-Grain OFC Copper Conductor Ensures a High Level of Signal Transfer Without Interference
    Class II Shielding Protects Against Outside Electrical Field Interference from Power Sources and Other Electronics
    Image Flow Dielectric is an Interior Cable Insulation that Maximizes the Most from Your Video Signal by Transferring Without Deterioration
    Also Available in 8 Meter (AS2C-8M), 3 Meter (AS2C-3M), and 1 Meter (AS2C-1M) Models
    Data Sheet
    ATS003841_Atlas_Signal_Data_Sheet (2 pages)