15A Half Width Rack Power Conditioner

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  • UL Listed

    The AP-S15HR has been designed to fit into Atlas half width rack equipment racks. The AP-S15HR meets or exceeds most installation requirements for AC power distribution and equipment power protection.

    The AP-S15HR Half Rack design offers power management control, scalable power cord length, noise filtering, spike/surge protection and six AC outlets making it the most compact, cost effective power management protection system on the market today.

    The AP-S15HR features noise filtering for unwanted Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) that is commonly introduced into AC lines by nearby radio transmitters or wireless products. The benefit of the RF Filter can be seen on video products and heard audibly by reduced static pops and external signal interference.

    The AP-S15HR is unique by allowing you to select the power cord length that is required for the installation.

    A removable 12' IEC power cord with a retainer bracket is supplied with the unit.

    The AP-S15HR is designed to be mounted in a half width rack design but can also be rack mounted into 19" equipment racks by using the optional PA702-RMK kit. This kit allows you mount an AP-S15HR by itself or in conjunction with another Atlas half width rack product such as the DPA-102PM, PA40G/PA60G, or MA40G/MA60G in a 19" 1RU space.

    • Half Width Rack Design 8.9" Wide with Removable Rack Ears
    • 6 Total Outlets
    • Earth Ground Fault Connection Indicator
    • RFI Noise Filtering to Reduce Radio Frequency Interference
    • Removable IEC Power Cord with a Retainer Bracket
    • Power Switch Cover
    • Circuit Breaker Protection @ 15A
    • Spike Suppression

    Max AC Mains Current 15 Amps
    Temperature Range 5° - 35°C
    Operating Voltage 102VAC - 132VAC
    Power Consumption 8 Watts
    Noise Attenuation RFI 10dB @ 10kHz/40dB @ 100kHz/100dB @ 10MHz
    Height 1.75" (1RU, 44.5mm)
    Width 8.9" (215.9mm) Body with Rack Ears 10.5" (266.7mm)
    Depth 8" (203mm)
    Weight 5.5 lbs (2.49kg)
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

    AP-S15HR Owners Manual (12 pages) AP-S15HR Owners Manual (12 pages)
    AP-S15HR Datasheet (2 pages) AP-S15HR Datasheet (2 pages)