Emergency Signaling Horn Loudpeaker with 15-Watt 25V/70V Transformer and Line Supervision Capability

  • UL Listed
  • CSFM Listed
  • 70V100VCAPABLE
  • IP55

    Model AP-15TUC is a double re-entrant loudspeakers which delivers 15-watts of continuous power handling, superior intelligibility and unparalleled efficiency. The AP-15 Series operates within a nominal frequency response range of 400Hz - 14kHz and offers a sensitivity of 120dB at rated power to provide clear voice and signal communication.

    The trademarked squared-bell design signifies AtlasIED quality and reliability. The Omni-Purpose® mounting bracket (supplied on all models) achieves precise positioning in the vertical and horizontal planes with a single adjustment and includes provisions for loudspeaker installation on conventional surfaces as well as for strapmounting on I-beams or pillars.

    A built-in, 5 mfd capacitor is provided for line supervision.

    All models meet or exceed the UL Listed standards for audible signal appliances, standard 1480—Loudspeakers for Fire Protective Signaling Systems and California State Fire Marshal (Title 19).

    AP Series loudspeakers are U.S. made to assure superior service reliability. Weather-resistant construction is metal and matching ABS plastic with metal components finished in grey epoxy.

    15-Watt High Efficiency Compression Driver
    5 mfd Capacitor for Line Supervision
    Built-In Vari-Tap® Transformer for Easy Impedance Selection
    Omni-Purpose Surface Mounting Bracket For Precise Positioning
    Recommended for High Intelligibility Paging, Intercommunication, and Signaling
    Vandal-Resistant, Weatherproof Construction
    UL Certified, Safety Listed to UL1480
    Frequency Response 400Hz - 14kHz
    Sensitivity 106dB
    Power Taps 1, 2, 3.8, 7.5, 15W @ 70.7V
    Dispersion 70°
    Operating Temperature Range -40 to 70C
    Height 8 3/4" (22.22 cm)
    Width 7 7/8" (20.00 cm)
    Depth 9 5/16" (23.66 cm)
    Shipping Weight 5.00 lbs (2.27 kgs)
    Data Sheet
    ATS003853_AP-15TU(C)_Series_Datasheet (2 pages)
    Installation Sheet
    ATS000739E_AP-15U,_AP-15TU,_AP-15TUC_Install_Sheet (1 page)
    Revit Drawing
    AP-15T Revit Drawing