Integrated Infrared Receiver and System Amplifier *Replaced By New AL2450*


    This model has been replaced by the new AL2450.

    The AL2430 coordinates all of the functions of the Atlas Learn system and brings all of the features together for a single unit control center.  The AL2430 is loaded with features that not only enhance the quality of audio generated by the system but that are also easy to use and understand.  Physically the AL2430 is very compact making it easy to install on a desk or in a small rack.  The unit features AtlasIED’s patent pending through chassis design which allows the unit to be mounted to a pole in conjunction with a projector or other equipment if security is a concern.  The front of the unit features a main power switch as well as volume controls for two microphones (A and B), as well as four other external audio sources like Computer, TV, CD, or Auxiliary audio.

    The rear panel of the AL2430 has all of the connections and adjustments needed to set up the Atlas Learn system to maximize its efficacy in any size classroom.  The AL2430 can support up to three infrared (IR) domes that receive the signal from the wireless microphones and transmit that signal back to the amplifier for playing through the speakers in the classroom.  Additionally the AL2430 has equalization adjustments for the microphones to optimize their sound quality, a priority page input that allows the local audio to be overridden when a page is initiated by the administration, and a line output for connection to an external amplifier, recording device, or hearing assistance system based on the classroom requirements.  The versatility of the AL2430 receiver/amplifier is what sets it apart from other classroom amplification systems.

    • 6 Input Mixer with Priority Page Override
    • Front Panel Souce Volume Control
    • Supports Up To Two Infrared Wireless Transmitters
    • Works with Both Atlas Learn AL-MAGPIE and AL-MYNA Wireless Infrared Microphones

    IR Frequencies 2.35mHz - 2.85mHz
    Multimedia Input Sensitivity -10dB
    Priority Page Input Sensitivity 14dB
    Computer Input Impedance 56K
    Multimedia Input Impedance 22K
    Line Output Impedance 1K
    Line Output Voltage 1.3V
    IR Input Impedance/Connector Type 75Ω F Connector
    In Line Power Supply Type 100V-240V In, 24VDC/2.5A Out
    Height 1 3/4" (45mm)
    Width 8 1/2" (216mm)
    Depth 13 1/2" (343mm)
    Warranty Period 36 months from date of purchase

    AL2450 CAD Drawing AL2450 CAD Drawing
    AL2430 Owners Manual (8 pages) AL2430 Owners Manual (8 pages)