Wireless Infrared Microphone/Transmitter for use with Atlas Learn Amplified Learning system.


    The Atlas Learn AL-MYNA is an in-classroom sound reinforcement solution designed for use in K-12 and higher education facilities or where a room constrained public address system is required. When used in conjunction with the AL-2430, amplifier/receiver, it allows the teacher and students to walk freely around the room with the infrared microphones/system control units and project their voices through installed speakers.


    The versatile AL-MYNA microphone performs the functions of a wireless microphone and a system remote control. It can be used as a handheld microphone, a lapel microphone with included lanyard, or a belt pack microphone with optional headset microphone. Each AL-MYNA has a switch located under the battery door used to set it's IR Channel to either A or B. One AL-MYNA must be set to Channel A and the other AL-MYNA must be set to Channel B. The system will not function properly if there are two AL-MYNAs set to the same IR channel.  The AL-MYNA includes Mode, Volume, and Panic controls that are fully functional in teacher mode, but will be locked out when configured for student mode.


    • Operates Using 2 AA Rechargeable Batteries
    • AL-MYNA Wireless Infrared Microphone Transmitter
    • Dual Mode Operation
    • Keeps Teachers' Voices Healthy and Sustainable

    Infrared LEDs 6
    Aux Input 3.5mm Phono Jack, Mic Level
    Weight with Battery 4.23 oz (120g)
    Height 5.25" (13.34 cm)
    Width 1.75" (4.45 cm)
    Depth 1.15" (2.92 cm)

    AL-MYNA Owners Manual (12 pages)
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