8" 2-Way Stadium Horn Speaker System 90° x 90°

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  • 70V100VCAPABLE
  • 90°H x 90°V Coverage
  • Non-Powered
  • IP54

    AtlasIED model AH99-8T-BSG "stadium horn" is ideal for directional sound distribution where full range reproduction, maximum intelligibility and high sound pressure levels are required.

    Applications include football stadiums, sports arenas, baseball fields, convention centers and auditoriums.

    Weather resistant construction features of the AH99-8T-BSG include a multiple screen configuration to prevent moisture from damaging internal components, a perforated aluminum screen covers the large horn mouth, a secondary screen is in place forward of the high frequency driver and a third tightly perforated screen protects the 8" cast frame woofer. A "weep" hole is also included on the back of the large horn "bell" to allow evaporation of any condensation that might build up internally.

    Learn more about the importance of protecting paging horns from low frequency damage and view the TSD-HF11 unit designed specifically to protect horns from low frequency damage.


    • 100 Watts Power Handling
    • Constant Directivity Design Offers Controlled Coverage of 90º Horizontal by 90 º Vertical (2kHz Octave Band)
    • Driver Compliment Includes 8" Cast Frame Woofer with a Concentrically Mounted 1" Exit Compression Driver Coupled to a 90°H x 90°V HF Horn
    • Efficiency Rating of 101dB (1W/1m)
    • Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket (Included) Allows for Easy Installation to Most Any Flat Surface
    • Maximum Output of 121dB (Rated Power @ 1M)
    • Battleship Gray Finish

    Power Taps 7.5, 15, 30, and 60 Watts & 8Ω
    Sensitivity 101dB SPL
    Frequency Response 90Hz - 15kHz
    Driver Type 1" HF and 8" LF
    Dispersion 90° x 90°
    Power Rating 100 Watts
    Height 21.88" (55.57cm)
    Width 19.66" (49.93cm)
    Warranty Period 60 months from date of purchase

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