High-Quality 140 Watt Autotransformer

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    Model AF140 consists of a single coil autoformer with multiple taps for maximum flexibility in matching a wide variety of speaker loads to power amplifier outputs. A single AF140 will handle loads up to 150 watts and by connecting two units in series, power handling capacity can be increased to 300 watts.

    • Serves as a Method for Matching Loudspeaker Loads to Amplifier Outputs
    • Suitable for Professional and Commercial Sound Applications

    Frequency Response 30Hz - 15kHz
    Power Rating 150W
    Height 4 1/8" (10.4775 cm)
    Width 3 7/16" (8.73252 cm)
    Depth 1 3/8" (3.4925 cm)
    Shipping Weight 7.00 lbs (3.18 kgs)

    AF140 Datasheet (8 pages) 953 KB
    Line Matching Tranformers Datasheet (3 pages) 815 KB
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