AC Outlet Strip 12 outlets 15A


    Outlet strip includes six grounded duplex outlets for installation in equipment cabinets with vertical panel space greater than 363/4". May be used in conjunction with AtlasIED fan assemblies and power panels to provide a complete cooling and AC power distribution system. Includes hardware. Finished in black epoxy. Dimensions are 363/4" L x 25/8" W x 15/8" H.

    • 15 Amp Outlet Rating
    • 6 ft. Pigtail
    • Finished in Black Epoxy
    • Includes Six Grounded Duplex Outlets for Installation in Equipment Cabinets with Vertical Panel Space Greater than 36 3/4"

    Height 36 3/4" (93.345 cm)
    Width 2 5/8" (6.6675 cm)
    Depth 1 5/8" (4.1275 cm)
    Shipping Weight 7.00 lbs (3.18 kgs)
    Current Rating 15A
    Light No
    Mounting Orientation Vertical
    Outlets 12
    Safety Listed 5

    Rack Outlet Strip Installation Instructions (2 pages)
    AC Outlet Strips Datasheet (2 pages)
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