Volume Control Power Module for the A-Bus System w/ RJ-45 (RJ-45 Connection)

    ABUS is a revolutionary new technology created to simply and affordably distribute music in commercial and home applications. ABUS works with inexpensive 8-conductor (CAT 5) wire to distribute audio, infrared, status and system power to the ABUS in-wall controller/amplifier.

    The MTX A-BUS VC3RJ volume control power module incorporates stereo amplifiers with individual level adjustments (left and right) that can power a pair of 4 or 8 ohm speakers in each zone.

    Only one category 5 (CAT-5) cable is needed to connect the hub and the power module making install quick and easy. Speaker cable is then run from the power module to the speakers.

    The MTX VC3RJ IR-equipped modules relay 38kHz and 56kHz codes to the source components for input track/channel selection, etc. It also includes infrared talkback and status indication. An LED indicator signifies when the A-BUS system is on (see Power/Status below) and it flashes to signify an infrared command has been received.

    The volume level on the MTX VC3RJ A-BUS module can also be operated by the supplied remote control handset. Three colors of Decora style wallplates, inserts, and buttons are also included (white, ivory, and bone).

    • 2 Channel Amplifier
    • 4 or 8 ohm connection
    • Includes 1 ABUS ABR-40 Remote Control
    • IR Repeating
    • IR Talkback Indicator
    • Left And Right Gain Controls
    • Remote Controllable Volume Level
    • Remote Source Selection
    • Status Indicator
    • Touch Button Source Selection With Indicator
    • Touch Button Volume Level

    Height 4 1/4" (10.668 cm)
    Width 10 11/16" (4.318 cm)
    Depth 2 3/4" (7.112 cm)
    Connector Type CAT5 RJ-45 (Input)
    Setscrew Terminal (Output)